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A great gift for any occasion. New, wooden, end grain (vertical arrangement of fibers) chopping board and serving entirely made of natural hardwood.
Dimensions: 43 x 31 x 4 cm (length, width, height) +/- 3 mm
Dimensions: 16.9″ x 12.2″ x 1.6″ (length, width, height) +/- 0.11 in
Material: red oak
Solid, thick cutting board – weighs 3.9 kg. Neatly hand-made of hardwood blocks, it has the required dimensions and meets all the requirements of a butcher block. Thanks to its considerable weight, it is stable, and cutting on it is easy and pleasant. Thanks to the vertical arrangement of fibers, end grain boards have properties that allow self-healing and cuts from the knife can be naturally closed. The materials used to make the cutting boards have certificates for contact with food. Each board is soaked with a special oil for kitchen boards and a second-time hot oil-wax, it also has non-slip feet and milled handles. Luxurious, rich in colors, contrasting pattern enriches every kitchen with its quality and easily finds itself in the center of attention.
The product may differ from the presented images by the hue, the grain, because it is natural wood, and each piece is different.
We wish you pleasant use!

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